Exotic meat from Africa - From antelope to zebra meat meat.

Exotic meats are gaining popularity and enrich not only the haute cuisine but also found their way into the kitchens of meat lovers and amateur chefs.

As a gourmet and exotic meat importer and wholesaler, we constantly pay special attention to freshness, quality and cut, along with country of origin and meat producer to enable us always to offer you a first class product.

Gourmet and exotics from Africa

Gourmet and exotics from Africa

Springbok meat of the highest quality we get from the sparsely populated Namibia, whereas South Africa supplies, due to species-appropriate free-range animal husbandry, excellent ostrich meat, crocodile meat and zebra meat.

African crocodile meat


Crocodile is very healthy because its firm meat has a low fat content, similar to the light colloured chicken or turkey meat.

Its low taste of its own and the tender crocodile meat makes it interesting even for beginners with the exotic meat.

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African zebra meat


Zebra is very juicy and tender, because the bright red meat is crossed by fine veins of fat. It also has a strong taste.

Zebra meat is ideal for frying or grilling.

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African springbok meat


The springbok is an African antelope and feeds on natural grasses and herbs, which determine the special taste of the fine-fiber and low-fat springbok meat.

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African ostrich meat

Ostrich meat

Ostrich meat is particularly tender, tasty and has a beneficial fat and cholesterol level.

The meat is rich in protein and the taste is similar to beef.

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