Argentinian prime steer - beef enjoyment of the highest quality

The wide Pampa, the meadowland which extends to Uruguay and Brazil, provides ideal breeding conditions for best beef from South America and is the home of the gauchos and their huge herds of cattle.

As a beef importer and wholesaler, we constantly pay special attention to freshness, quality and cut,along with the country of origin and meat producer to enable us always to offer you a first class product.

Argentinian beef

Argentinian beef

Traditional countries of origin for beef, such as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay still provide ideal conditions for best quality beef.

On almost endless meadowlands the cattle enjoy a species-appropriate breeding and have only fresh, lush grass without the addition of concentrated feed.

Argentinian prime steer cuts

Argentinian prime steer

We source our top class prime steer cuts from Argentina.

The rich meadowland, where the magnificent cattle can move freely throughout the year let the animals grow under ideal conditions. Quality you can taste.

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Argentinian poultry

Argentinian poultry

Poultry, such as chicken, turkey, duck and goose is incredibly versatile and also very popular because of its partly low fat content.

As a poultry meat importer and wholesaler, we import our chicken, turkey, duck and goose cuts from South America and directly from the EU. Our meat producers constantly pay special attention to strict hygiene standards and to species-appropriate breeding and animal husbandry. A pleasure with no regrets.

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