For us as a meat importer quality knows no frontiers.

Traditional countries of origin for high quality beef from prime steers, such as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are well-known for their lush pasture and their favourable climate for best beef enjoyment. But Germany offers premium beef too.

We import tender lamb of the highest quality from New Zealand. But also from the EU and other neighbouring states which provide, next to best veal, tasty pork, tender poultry meat and excellent game from Germany.

Countries of origin for gourmet and exotic meat

Our regions for best gourmet and exotic meat

Gourmet and exotic meat such as juicy kangaroo and camel are imported from Australia. Tender llama comes from Chile and lean python comes from Vietnam. But we import the most exotic meat from Africa, specifically from South Africa and Namibia. Our excellent ostrich, crocodile, zebra and springbok cuts is coming from this region.

Gourmet and exotics meat from Africa


We import our top quality springbok meat from the sparsely populated country of Namibia. 

South Africa supplies us with excellent free-range ostrich, crocodile, and zebra meat.

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Argentinian ox meat


Argentinian beef is known worldwide for its top quality and tenderness.

The wide Pampa, the meadowland which extends to Uruguay and Brazil, provides ideal breeding conditions and is the home of the gauchos and their huge herds of cattle.

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Gourmet and exotic meat from Australia


"Down Under" is known worldwide as the third largest exporter of beef and veal.

In addition to his considerable beef exports Australia is well known for quality camel meat and kangaroo meat.

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Prime Steer and poultry from Brazil


Brazil is the worlds leader beef producer.

Selected Brazilian cattle breeds, optimal climate, species-appropriate breeding and welfare and almost unlimited to the green pastures are the basis for an excellent taste of the Brazilian beef.

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Llama meat from Chile



Apart from producing excellent wines, Chile is also known for its excellent llama meat.

Originally used as a beast of burden, the gourmets in the world nowadays appreciate the llama as a supplier of dark red, lean and delicious meat.

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Quality meat from the EU


Quality beef, tasty pork, tender poultry and excellent game are provided directly from our meat producing companies in Germany.

However, also other neighbouring states of the EU provide meat at the highest level. We import the best veal from the Netherlands and juicy prime steer from Ireland.

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New Zealand lamb

New Zealand

New Zealand lamb is a common term not only for connoisseurs.

Optimal climate and wide, verdant and lush pastures in New Zealand offer the animals best conditions for a species-appropriate breeding and thus greatest meat enjoyment.

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Beef from Uruguay


Prime Steer

Beef from Uruguay also has a very good reputation.

Finally, the mild temperate climate and the fertile and extensive hilly countryside offer ideal conditions for cattle breeding.

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