OUR MEAT QUALITY meets the highest demands

Best meat quality is no coincidence, but rather the sum of our multi-stage quality management system.

In order to provide our customers with beef, prime steer, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, game and exotic meat of consistently above average quality, our quality assurance starts long before a product arrives in our warehouse.

Each new supplier is thoroughly tested by our experts, all specialists in different areas of the global meat trade, to ensure his suitability and the quality of his meat products.

We also check at regular intervals our suppliers and make sure that the species-appropriate breeding and the appropriate cutting and treatment of the meat are in line with our requirements.

Quality management far beyond the legal requirements.

Quality management

In addition to the required registration and inspection by the responsible German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), we are certified to the International Featured Standards (IFS) Broker version 2 at a basic level.

We also regularly carry out internal quality controls.

Whenever goods are received we inspect them for the correct cut, freshness, quality and temperature of the meat.

Moreover we carry out random microbiological laboratory tests in order to ensure always the quality class of our meat.

Worldwide business relationships with selected suppliers, continuous dialogue and inspections, strict quality guidelines and our multi-stage quality management system ensure superior meat quality, which meets the high demands of our customers.

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