We understand the special requirements of each sector

Tailored services for many sectors within the meat industry

Tailored services for many sectors within the meat industry

Top quality, fair prices and fast delivery

Jacobsen offers you a select range of absolute premium meat quality at attractive prices – fast delivery and sector-specific services.

With more than 70 years of experience as a meat importer and wholesaler, we are well-versed in the sector-specific needs of our customers and know just what services we can support you with. This means that at Jacobsen, you can be sure that we exclusively import our meat products from selected suppliers from the best breeding regions in the world, while attaching great importance to animal welfare and treating our environment with care. Whether it is standard meat varieties from beef, prime steer, veal, pork, lamb or game – you can enjoy an attractive range that we can provide to you fresh or frozen as you choose. Here, premium quality meets maximum freshness!

Fast delivery, flexibility and fair pricing

And what else can you rely on Jacobsen for? Close partnerships with clients and suppliers, fair prices and fast delivery. This is because our meat specialities are sent on their way to you across Germany within 24 to 48 hours and we can even deliver beyond German borders within 72 hours.

Tailored services

From services such as individual pricing and repackaging to successful campaign planning and consulting: We understand the special requirements of each sector and contribute experience gained from numerous successful projects to our partnerships. For a perfect service and meat trading of the highest level.

Do you have any questions about our services, activities as a meat importer and meat wholesaler, or would you like a custom cut? Get in touch! We will also be happy to advise you on our range in person!

Code of values and philosophy

Our code of values defines the way in which we run our meat trading operations, interact with each other, support our customers and partners in achieving their aims, and actively shape the transformation in the meat industry. Find out more about our code of values, our philosophy and our goals.

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Certificates and tracing

We have been proud holders of the highest level of the IFS certification for many years. You can therefore be sure that you are always receiving consistently high international quality standards from us, which, along with our internal control measures, are reviewed by external parties at regular intervals.

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Our partners

Only those who are able to entirely rely on their service providers and suppliers can deliver quality! At Jacobsen, we therefore rely exclusively on long-term, close partnerships – both regarding the global procurement of our specialities and with our service providers across the globe.

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