With beanit®, you can let your creativity in the vegan kitchen run wild

beanit® – an easy and tasty meat alternative from Finland

Meat alternatives beanit® – ready-to-eat chunks and mince made from Finnish fava beans

beanit® – full-bodied flavour, 100% vegan

beanit® is the easy and tasty meat alternative where everything is just right, from the flavour and nutritional values to the texture.

The demand for healthy and sustainable meat alternative products is growing steadily. At the same time, consumers also expect to not have to sacrifice any flavour or settle for the texture of vegan plant proteins. This is precisely where beanit® comes in and successfully produces chunks and mince from Finnish fava beans, pea protein, water and rapeseed oil, which impress in every respect. No unnecessary ingredients, 100% flavour! Thanks to their neutral flavour, the beanit® products are perfect for all kinds of dishes as well as preparation methods, and with their delicate mouthfeel and perfect bite, are a real culinary delight. While the chunks are available unseasoned, with garlic and herbs or a lemon flavouring, the vegan mince offers you the choice between unseasoned products and mince with an umami flavour, which provide the initial basic seasoning for the dishes.

Gluten-free, soya-free, vegan and easy to prepare – get to know beanit®!

Whether for frying in the pan, cooking on low heat, roasting in the oven or eating as is – let your culinary creativity run wild with beanit®! The ready-to-use chunks and mince made from Finnish fava beans come ready-for-use and are ideal for a variety of dishes. Thanks to their intelligent packaging solution, the vegan meat alternatives not only boast an especially long shelf life, but can also be stored at room temperature for up to 8 months. Also worth mentioning: for the production of the chunks and mince, beanit® obtains all fava beans entirely from Finland, primarily from farms in the immediate vicinity of the production facility. As such, the beanit® products combine the best flavour with responsible and sustainable production, contributing to a healthy, balanced diet. At Jacobsen, we’ll be happy to advise you on the vegan meat alternative in person and respond to any questions you may have.