Llama meat cuts - Exotic meat from Chile

Exotic meats are gaining popularity and enrich not only the haute cuisine but also found their way into the kitchens of meat lovers and amateur chefs.

As a gourmet and exotic meat importer and wholesaler, we constantly pay special attention to freshness, quality and cut, along with country of origin and meat producer to enable us always to offer you a first class product.

Chilean exotic meat

Chilean exotic meat

Apart from producing excellent wines, Chile is also known for its excellent llama meat.

Originally used as a beast of burden, the gourmets in the world nowadays appreciate the llama as a supplier of dark red, lean and delicious meat.

Chilean llama meat

Chilean llama 

The dark red meat is very tender and its pleasant taste has a slight game note.

The llama meat is also characterized by an excellent fat and cholesterol level similar to poultry.

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