Vegan patties in four tasty flavours

Our vegan patties – truly delicious, purely plant-based and quality from Germany

Meat alternatives vegan burger patties

Our vegan patties – not meat, but pretty close

As a burger, in a bowl or wrap – our vegan burger patties in four flavours combine the best flavour and sustainability.

More and more people are opting to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or would like to at least greatly reduce their meat consumption. It’s a trend that the food service sector needs to jump onto in order to prevent losing potential customers. But evidently: Vegan cuisine doesn’t have to be insipid or boring! Rather, our vegan patties offer plenty of possibilities for designing your own menu. And when it comes to flavour, our 100% plant-based burger patties impress in every respect and are also made free from aromas, lactose, gluten, flavour enhancers and preservatives. See for yourself and discover our vegan patties in four tasty flavours: Classic, Italian Herbs, Jalapeño and Ras El Hanout.

Made in Germany, our vegan burger patties are packed with healthy and natural ingredients. The patties were awarded the “A” quality seal on the Nutri-Score scale for a reason. There are also virtually no limits to your creativity when it comes to preparing them. Serve the vegan patties in classic form as a juicy burger or add them as a topping to salads and in bowls. The plant-based, meat alternative is also great in a wrap or sandwich, or on its own with side dishes and tasty sauces. The patties can be prepared in the pan at medium heat or in convectomats and combination steamers. Very tasty and 100% plant-based – discover the vegan burger patties from Jacobsen!