Gourmet meat is created through appropriate rearing, natural growth and strict selection

Weideluxe® – Premium beef, lamb and game from Germany and other EU countries

Weideluxe® – Premium beef, lamb and game from Germany and other EU countries

Gourmet meat from Germany and other EU countries

Under the brand Weideluxe®, we offer you beef, lamb and game of consistently top quality from Germany and other EU countries.

Appropriate and natural rearing operations, along with careful selection and strict controls guarantee our top quality – try the exceptional flavour and our individual, custom cuts for yourself.

The success story of Weideluxe® began in 2004, when our long-standing partners in Husum began with the first fine cuts of cows and heifers from Northern Germany. At first, the focus was on marketing beef parts from the hindquarter and forequarter. Thanks to the excellent meat quality and rise in demand, the Weideluxe® Premium range has increasingly expanded to include typical parts of the heifer in the steak meat segment, as well as the 28 day dry-aged Weideluxe® Dry Aged Beef, our heavily marbled heifer meat with a fine, nutty flavour.

Tested quality! We rely on the tried and tested when it comes to our Weideluxe® Premium meat quality. Independent veterinarians inspect each individual animal with utmost precision before further processing. After humane slaughter, the carcass control is performed by a meat inspector from the veterinary inspection office. Using state-of-the-art slaughtering and cutting techniques and complying with maximum hygienic standards, the extremely fresh meat is turned into high quality cuts within 24 hours.

Try the exceptional flavour and our individual, custom cuts for Weideluxe® yourself – and may we wish you bon appétit!

“When we asked ourselves in 2004 how we could make a good thing even better, our own Weideluxe® brand was born. It was always our aspiration to award the Weideluxe® quality seal exclusively to high-quality beef from Northern Germany.”

Thomas Bär (CEO, E. Jacobsen GmbH)

Find out more about the Weideluxe® quality characteristics

With Weideluxe®, you get premium quality meat

Premium quality is created wherever appropriate rearing, natural growth, selected animals and careful quality controls meet. Only the best is good enough for the premium meat quality of Weideluxe®.

Intensive selection

The selection of our cattle takes place according to strict specifications, such as the origin and correct age. The meat is also subject to strict criteria such as marbling, fat cover and meat colour, as we want to provide you with only the best quality. Premium quality that you can taste.

Natural growth

During the growth phase, cattle deposit fat between their muscles – known as marbling. During the cooking process, it melts and ensures an exceptionally juicy flavour experience. Our selected cattle are raised with appropriate and natural rearing to guarantee the best Weideluxe aroma.

Best aging

We always ensure the best aging with our premium beef. This is important for tenderness and crucial for the first-class flavour: After around three weeks in the oxygen-tight vacuum bag, the meat has achieved its ideal maturity and is especially tender.

Individual cuts

We cut our premium lamb individually for you. Choose your desired cut and enjoy our top quality. We will be happy to develop the perfect cut for your products.

Northern German forests

Our free-roaming wild animals from Northern German forests grow up in a natural environment. In this way, they undergo appropriate rearing and are carefully selected according to strict criteria.

Intensive flavour

Our top-class game from free-roaming wild animals features a unique, intensive flavour and is especially lean and rich in nutrients.

Consistently high-quality cuts

Only premium meat quality bears the name Weideluxe®

A selection of our cuts of the exclusive Weideluxe® beef and heifer meat, which will be adored by steak gourmets and beef connoisseurs all over the world.

Weideluxe® Heifer tenderloin
Heifer tenderloin

Tenderloin from the heifer is the most refined and exclusive part of the animal. It possesses an outstanding level of quality, and is extremely tender, juicy and especially lean.

The individually portioned steaks only need to be seared on both sides briefly. The fantastic flavour is sure to be a winner with every passionate steak fan.

Weideluxe® Heifer striploin
Heifer striploin

Heifer striploin is well-known as one of the most popular cuts of beef available.

Due to its fine marbling and intramuscular fat deposits, this steak speciality is extremely tender and juicy, and offers an intense flavour.

Weideluxe® heifer ribeye
Heifer ribeye

The heifer ribeye is cut from the cow’s loin and follows the striploin. It is the jewel on the steak crown for many connoisseurs.

The ribeye typically has a fatty eye in the centre, which, surrounded by finely marbled lean meat, releases an incredible flavour during preparation.

Weideluxe® Heifer heart of rump
Heifer heart of rump

The heifer heart of rump is perfect for all kinds of dishes in the professional kitchen.

But even when cut into individual steaks, this fine piece of heifer meat unveils its very own, aromatic flavour.

Weideluxe® Beef topside cop off
Beef topside cop off

The beef topside features very short-fibred meat and very little fat, which runs throughout the meat in the form of fine veins.

It is one of the most highly sought-after cuts in beef. The topside is ideal as braised beef for roulades or as a beef steak.

Weideluxe® Beef silverside PAD
Beef silverside PAD

The beef silverside is not quite as fine-fibred as the beef topside, does not have any fat cover and is also entirely free from gristle.

It is cut from the top rear of the leg. Cubed meat from the silverside is ideal for goulash and ragouts, while slices are good for roulades.

Weideluxe® Eye of round PAD
Eye of round PAD

The smaller, elongated cut outside of the silverside is referred to as the eye of round.

A PAD (peeled and degristled) cut, i.e. without any fat or gristle, it is excellent for preparing tender goulash dishes and tasty braised or marinated beef.

Weideluxe® Rump cap
Rump cap

The rump cap is the thin tapering tip of the tail part (of the cow) adjoining the rump on the front, and is coated with a layer of fat tissue on the side facing the skin.

The rump cap is perfect for a Sunday feast.

Do you love steak? Consult with one of our meat experts

Weideluxe® offers you gourmet meat from Germany and other EU countries.

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Do you love steak? Consult with one of our meat experts

Weideluxe® offers you gourmet meat from Germany and other EU countries.

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