• Jacobsen - reliable service and individual solutions in times of crisis!

    Reliable service and individual solutions in times of crisis!

    As a leading European importer, we are a reliable source of premium-quality

    produce - while paying maximum attention to the health and safety of your

    and our staff, of course! Find out more now

  • Jacobsen Fleischimport & Großhandel GmbH - Philosophy

    Your international meat importer and wholesaler based in Hamburg.

    Our attempt is to provide you with a comprehensive range of  premium meat at attractive prices

    at the right time! The satisfaction of our customers is our main focus.

    Find out more about our philosophy.

  • Jacobsen Fleischimport & Großhandel GmbH - Quality promises

    Best meat is only available from happy animals?

    We agree with that and therefore we source our products only from

    certified producers, with species-appropriate breeding.

    Find out more about our quality promises.

  • Jacobsen Fleischimport & Großhandel - Certificates

    Trust is good, certificates are better!

    Meat trading is not just a matter of trust. Certified service and service quality of trained

    professionals is the basis of successful cooperation with our customers.

    Find out more about our certificates.

Our product range

We offer you a wide range of premium
quality from poultry to game meat.


Our products come from the best breeding areas in the world.




Germany & EU

Our beef comes from Germany and other EU countries. You can taste the quality. Find out more...

Prime Steer meat

Prime Steer

Juicy prime steer meat from South America or directly from Ireland. The perfect steak for grilling. Find out more...



Germany & EU

Lean, tender and a natural taste. Veal from Germany and the EU. Try it yourself. Find out more...



Germany & EU

Pork is the best seller on the German plate! Juicy meat to enjoy. Find out more...



Tender lamb of the highest quality from New Zealand and the EU. A great pleasure not only for connoisseurs. Find out more...



Poultry meat is incredibly versatile and also very popular because of its low fat content. Find out more...

Game meat


Game meat tenderly roasted or braised is very delicious and also rich in nutrients. Find out more...



We offer you exotic meat from all over the world. From antelope through to zebra. Find out more...

Weideluxe® premium beef quality


Germany & EU

Our own brand „Weideluxe“ offers premium beef quality made to measure. Find out more...

Our own brand Weideluxe®

Natural breeding, careful treatment, strict selection and optimal maturing make it a special experience of delicious enjoyment!

Our own brand Supremo®

Supremo offers you premium-quality, international steak specialities. Our meat experts are happy to advise you.


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